Your New Puppy: Must Haves For Your Dog

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Now that you’ve decided to get a puppy or dog, the next few weeks will be busy and at times, more than a little bit crazy. That’s why it’s important to plan in advance for the arrival of your new pet. If possible, get as many necessities ready before your puppy comes home.

The Basics

Travel crate: Even if you don’t plan on crate training your dog, consider the benefits of owning a crate for other reasons, like transporting an ill or injured puppy to the veterinarian.

Food and water bowls: If you have a puppy, keep the bowls low and shallow. Tip-proof works well, too. As they grow, you’ll likely need to upgrade to larger dishes to accommodate your pet’s size.

Food: Choose an age-appropriate food. Ask your vet or local pet store for recommendations if you’re not sure what kind to purchase. Remember that high quality dog food keeps your puppy healthier and happier.

Collar: Pick a collar that fits properly now. You can always upgrade later if necessary.

Leash: A six-foot lead works well. Choose the right thickness and strength for your dog. A Chihuahua’s needs are very different from the needs of a Rottweiler.

ID tag: As one of the first things people search for when finding a stray dog, an ID tag can help make sure your puppy makes it home safely. At a minimum, have your phone number engraved on the tag.

Grooming supplies: Different breeds require different levels of grooming. However, every pup can benefit from a good weekly brushing. It’s also a great way to have quiet, bonding time with your new dog.

Housebreaking supplies: Even adult dogs have accidents, so be prepared with good cleaning supplies.

Veterinarian: If you don’t have a favorite vet already, ask family, friends and neighbors for a recommendation. Have an appointment scheduled within the first few days of bringing your puppy home, so your vet can check for worms, other health conditions, and start her vaccination regimen.

The Extras

Obedience classes: Every dog can benefit from learning some basic obedience skills.

Puppy treats: Yummy treats are the perfect reward when you’re working on obedience. Or for when they’re just being adorable.

Toys: Chew toys help satisfy your new puppy’s teething needs. If you’d like to teach your dog to retrieve, look at purchasing a few balls, but make sure they’re not so small that your dog chokes. A lot of people swear by Kong, an awesome rubber toy you stuff with treats to keep your new pal busy.

Sour apple spray: Use this product to spray on spots your puppy loves to chew on. It’s a terrific deterrent for naughty puppies.

Baby gates: Want to keep your dog in one area of your house? Use baby gates to corral him. Let’s face it; for a lot of us, dogs are our babies anyway!

Dog house: If your pup will spend any time outdoors, he’ll love having his own little house. Fill it with great chew toys and a cozy blanket, and it will be the perfect home away from home.

Doggie door: Training your dog to use a doggie door when she needs to go outdoors makes life easier for you and your pal.

Clothing: Depending on where you live, sweaters or snow boots may be required outdoor gear for your dog.

Now that you have the basics on hand, don’t forget the most essential items for your new puppy: lots of hugs, kisses, and sweet talk. Best of all, they’re free!

Jennifer McVey

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  1. opening a dog supplies store . what are customers looking for?
    please take a few minutes to answer these questions.looking for consumers opinions to better suit your and your dogs needs

    would you like to have an all dog and puppy only supplies store in your area?

    what are some hard to find products for your dog you would like to find at your local pet store?

    what would you like to see more of for your dog?

    what kind of treats would you prefer for your dog ?

    what are some of the most basic things you look for when buying for your first time dog?

    what are some must haves to always have at home?

    what kind of toys do you look for ?

    do you like to dress your dog?

    thank you so much for your time.we are looking to expand our dog supplies stores to better suit your needs at very affordable prices for high quality products ?

  2. would you like to have an all dog and puppy only supplies store in your area?
    No I have other animals as well and don’t want to have to go to more than one place for supplies.

    what are some hard to find products for your dog you would like to find at your local pet store?
    paw wax, solid toys a lurcher can’t destroy in 2 minutes flat and which don’t have eyes on them, good quality inexpensive food

    what would you like to see more of for your dog?
    cheap poo bags. Good quality leather training leads

    what kind of treats would you prefer for your dog ?
    what ever is small and not sticky so it can go in my pocket for training

    what are some of the most basic things you look for when buying for your first time dog?
    food, bowls, bed, collar, lead, good quality wormers and flea treatments, brushes, toys, poo bags

    what are some must haves to always have at home?
    see above

    what kind of toys do you look for ?
    as above, lurcher proof, without eyes (can’t stand seeing some poor pathetic little frog or whatever being dismembered!)

    do you like to dress your dog?
    Good Lord no! They’re dogs not babies!
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  3. With Petco and other places, I really don’t need a dog specific store. The idea sounds really fun though.

    Chew toys: ropes and bones
    Cute clothes

    I would like to see some cleaning products, like bathing options

    My dog loves any kind of treats, so that’s hard.

    Collar, leash, dog bed, dog bowls, dog food, toys, puppy pads, pooper scooper, disposable bags for poop on walks, crates and cages

    I look specifically for dog ropes. My pup doesn’t like anything else. She is actually scared of rubber toys.
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  4. Answers:

    1. No
    2. None
    3. My dogs have all they need.
    4. I make all my dog’s treats.
    5. I have had many dogs over the years, I think about each and every one as a new pet in my life.
    6. A loving home, a safe place to sleep and owners that are willing to invest time into caring and training a happy dog.
    7. Safe toys that a dog can play with.
    8. Dressing a dog is unnatural. Dogs are born with a fur coat.
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  5. 1 yes 2 yes proffeshanal show /grooming suplies 3 brushes sprays toys 4 salmon and fish 5 peepee pads (puppy) brushes toys beds food etc 6 wet wipes for dogs and no water shampoo spray 7 ones i can put peaunut butter in and soft teath cleaning ones 8 YES I DO
    References :
    have fun with u r shop

  6. 1. sure
    2. Sturdy dog toys. Healthy holistic dog treats and food
    3. Nothing in particular but people are always coming into the store i work at looking for dog clothing for big dogs (like boxers)
    4. Healthy treats, gourmet treats, all natural, holistic, sweet (my aussie only likes sweet treats like peanut butter or pumpkin, the border collie will eat anything
    5. People who come into the pet store I work at looking for things for their first time dog always want: collar, leash, crate, shampoo. Never fails they ask for those, other things I suggest: safe puppy toys that you can freeze when they are teething, a kong, healthy food and treats, wont let them buy rawhide, blanket for the crate
    6. Treats bigger ones and smaller ones for training (we like Zukes), wet food for in their Kongs at night, BIG bag of dry food, Safe chew toys and tennis balls.
    7. TOUGH long lasting toys nothing they can demo in 5 minutes, unless it is cheap. Puzzle toys, ones I can stuff with treats
    8. Oh no, I left his harness on once while I stepped out to get a drink. He ate it. Im thinking clothing is not such a good idea. We do sport bandanas here though
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  7. I wish you good luck on your venture.

    From a "business" viewpoint I think you should consider:

    What is the competition of current pet stores in your area? If there is a Petco or Petsmart your plan should be different than if there are only feed stores.

    What cross-section of "dog lovers" are you targeting? Pet people or the "professional" (breeders, people who compete in events, sports and /or have working dogs) ?

    I consider myself a "professional". Used to breed and show for decades, now have only one dog competing in agility, doing some herding. The only other "pet" I have is a tortoise and his food comes from the grocery store and our yard.

    For me, about 95% of stuff at the large chain pet shops are garbage. I go to our local feed store that has a better selection of higher end, more difficult to find dog food and supplements. Only if I hit the feed store at the wrong time, between shipments, do I go to the local Petco….as they also happen to carry the kibble I feed. On occasion I will pick up a dog toy, brush or such while there.

    To me, the ideal "dog shop" would carry:

    Dog food: only quality, hard to find, "special" formulas that can not be found at other local stores.

    Quality supplements and treats, same as above.

    Sensible collars and leashes, but a variety to suit individual needs.

    Variety of safe toys. Training toys (toys you can stuff treats in), strong, soft tug toys.

    Training aids…treat pockets, clickers (though I don’t use them), some GOOD training books and videos

    Grooming: brushes, combs, scissors, shears, etc

    crates, x-pens, dog beds (not fancy, but practicable, washable)

    ….not such a HUGE variety of products, but a fair sampling of quality

    !!! self service dog wash with blow drier !!!!!
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